Installed Dual Tank Single Pump Water Level Controller for our newly constructed house in Karanodai. Working perfectly since installation, the best water level controller in the market.
Ramesh, Karanodai
Individual Customer
We constructed a new residential flat in Korattur. We have a different requirement. Total of 2 Pump. 1 Borewell and 1 Filter pump. Borewell fills tank 1 and after 4 hours filter motor fills tank 2 from tank 1. This was a big headache for us maintaining the time gap and water should not overflow. We inquired a lot of places and it is not available at all. Then we approached Togle Automation's diodestore.com and that's it. They visited the site and installed this product. Its great till then. We don't care about the timing or carefully watching the tank for overflow. It's been almost 1.5 years and we enjoy the experience of true automation at its best.
Rajasekar, Korattur Flat Resident
Flat Resident
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